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FA10 Teak Wood Bowl with Molten Glass

FA10 Teak Wood Bowl with Molten Glass

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This gorgeous, one-of-a-kind vase is sourced from natural gamal wood root, which is used as a base and an inspiration for thick, molten glass. Use it for flowers, as a terrarium, as an incredible fishbowl, or just on its own for an asymmetrical piece of handmade decor.

Crafted by hand from the scavenged and salvaged roots of trees that have been demolished by government-controlled plantations in Indonesia, these pieces are 100% eco-friendly and re-purposed. The glass is gathered from discarded and broken pieces, melted down, and mouth-blown into custom shapes. Thanks to the reclaimed nature of the found materials, no two pieces will ever look exactly alike.


— 30CM Teak Wood Bowl With Molten Glass; Spprox: 8" x 5", 8.5 lbs
— Each Handmade Piece Is Unique And Made From Found Materials
— Actual Product Will Vary From The Photo

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